Aventus Solutions Security Risk Management Consulting


We specialize in providing packaged, turnkey, outsourced consulting solutions to a variety of security risk management problems that you may be facing. We provide consulting solutions in the following areas:

Cyber Security:

  • Cyber Security Health Check: our cyber security health check is designed to review your current cyber security posture and the risks and threats your organization may be susceptible to. Based on that review we will prepare a health check and gaps analysis report with recommendations on how to increase
  • Threat and Risk Assessment: our consultants will review threats and risks against your organization, current controls that are in place and provide a threat and risk assessment report with recommendations. This is similar to the health check but not as comprehensive.
  • Privacy Impact Assessment: this can be an IT application or a business process assessment. The goal of this assessment is to assist your organization in identifying and minimizing the privacy risks of new projects or policies and ensure compliance with applicable legislation.
  • Defensive Security Deployment: our cyber security experts will work with you to identify the security risk controls that your business requires. We do not represent third party solution providers, with the exception of the RSA GRC Management software solutions. Our goal will be to recommend the types of controls that you require and not the specific products to implement those controls.
  • Cyber Security Training: this is in-house training tailored to your organization, to your requirements and scalable to suit your scope and budget.

Disaster Recovery: we provide end to end planning, management and testing services including: the development of business driven IT Disaster Recovery requirements; Disaster Recovery response process development; program management recommendations and program management outsourcing; technical recovery procedure documentation; exercising and testing. Our Disaster Recovery clients that we have served include some of the largest government departments in Canada, large private sector organizations ranging from insurance to heavy equipment manufacturing down to small organizations of less than 50 people. Contact us to discuss your Disaster Recovery needs and review our past experience in detail.

Business Continuity: we have executed over 30 projects in the Business Continuity realm with deliverables including: complete Business Continuity program development, implementation and management outsourcing; training and awareness; Business Impact Assessment; Business Continuity plan development; exercising and testing plans and providing maturity assessment, audit response and audit preparation. Contact us to discuss your Business Continuity needs and review our past experience in detail.

Emergency Management: Aventus has a deep skill set in emergency plan development for your office locations, as well as a highly experienced emergency management exercise team who have organized, managed and facilitated several very large multilevel, multijurisdictional readiness emergency management exercises.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Management software: we are an RSA Gold Level certified reseller of the RSA Archer® product suite. Please refer to the GRC SOLUTIONS page for further information.



Aventus provides a full scope of cyber security risk management services ranging from maturity assessment and recommendations to risk control design, threat, risk and privacy impact assessment and mitigation recommendations.



Aventus provides disaster recovery requirements development, recovery processes and procedures, exercising, testing and program development and management. Our experience ranges from small virtual environments to large complex multi-mainframe installations.



Aventus provides full scope business continuity planning services including program development and outsourcing, Business Impact Assessments, business continuity plan development and improvement, training and exercising. We have served dozens of clients large and small in all aspects of business continuity.



We develop emergency plans and have a very highly experienced emergency management exercise team. We also deliver ICS training and certification through one of our partner companies.

Aventus Solutions Corporate Certifications


Certified Business Continuity Vendor (CBCV)

Aventus Solutions has received the elite CBCV designation for vendors who recognize the importance of business continuity and disaster recovery best practices. Holding a CBCV gives you a level of confidence that we are highly qualified and meet stringent professional standards. This certification tells you that we know how best to meet your needs.


Best Award Name

The founder of Aventus Solutions, Dale Windle, is a recipient of the Order of the Sword & Shield National Honor Society recognition. This is an elite recognition of Dale’s with superior knowledge and experience in the security risk management profession. The Sword & Shield National Honor Society it is a national honor society dedicated exclusively to homeland security, intelligence, emergency management and all protective security disciplines.

Clients of Aventus Solutions

Aventus has successfully completed over 50 projects in the security risk management fields. Our clients range from government to private and large to small. Our largest client, for which we have done cyber security assessment and policy work for has over 10,000 employees and multiple locations across Canada. We have done a wide range of disaster recovery and business continuity planning services for several large organizations, some with as many as 50,000 employees and locations across Canada. We have done work for many smaller organizations as well including some small non-profit, private sector organizations of less than 100 staff. Please contact us to see how you can benefit from our extensive experience with private sector and public sector clients of all sizes.